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Hand Push Portable Electric Forklift (can bear 700kg)

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Product Name: Portable Hydraulic Forklift
Product Load Capacity: 300kg, 500kg, 700kg
Product Weight: 140kg
Max Fork Height: 1700mm
Min Fork Height: 90±2mm
Big Wheel Size 160 ×50mm
Fork length 850mm Frame width 650mm
wheel size 80×70mm
Working hours per hour: 5-6 hours
Brushless motor: 48V/72A/800W
Outer box size 1660×660×450 mm

Due to the impact of the epidemic, there is a backlog of inventory, now sell at a low price to reduce losses, free shipping, no additional charges!
Limit 1 piece per person!

Today only $49.9, last $69.9, while stocks last.

Suitable for warehouses, factories, logistics, shopping malls, etc.

The forklift is foldable and easy to transport.

Hand Push Portable Electric Forklift (can bear 700kg) $49.99 $0.00