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Portable Gas Grill - Black

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Weber Traveler is for those looking for a delicious BBQ meal out of town. Whether you're camping, queuing or having a picnic, its rugged and compact design provides a seamless experience from setup to storage. No matter where the adventure takes you, it's a journey to a taste of backyard quality food.

Folding Design
Taking up minimal space in your garage, the Traveler is designed to fit easily into the trunk of your car, making travel and storage as easy as possible.

Large BBQ area
It holds up to 15 burgers or 20 sausages, so you can cook an entire meal that everyone can eat at the same time.

Range from low temperature to high temperature
Provides the perfect heat for grilled steak, grilled juicy chicken or even fluffy pancakes for breakfast. Designed for efficient use of gas.

Easy to carry

The grill is attached to the trolley, so you can get up and grill right away, and it's always close at hand.

Unique lid closure
The Traveler automatically locks when folded.

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