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Air mattress with stand and roll box

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Ivation EZ-Bed Air Bed
The EZBed's built-in pump inflates and deflates automatically in 4 minutes and the pump has an auto shut-off option (plush, medium, firm) to easily get the comfort you need
The design of the Self-expanding frame allows user to simply unwrap the case, attach it to the wall, open and move away for easy installation
Durable polyester mattress topped with 40 circular coils provides a soft and comfortable sleeping surface and keeps the sheets in
place deflates and folds into a duffle bag on wheels for easy transport and storage; the bed fits a standard double sheet.
Product specifications (normal size)
Inflatable size: 80 x 55 x 24 inches Rolling luggage
included (34 x 15 x 22 inches)
Weight: 46 lbs Weight
capacity: 500 lbs / 220KG

Power: 110V / 60Hz
Product Specifications (Extra Large)
Inflatable Size: 81 x 73 x 24 inch
Rolling Luggage Included (45 x 15.5 x 22.5in)
Weight: 55lbs Weight
Capacity: 700lbs / 320KG

You get a real bed that can be easily stowed
All the comforts of a regular guest bed, designed to fold into a compact package for easy travel and storage almost anywhere. It only takes a few minutes to set up with little or no work, and then folds up easily. Durable construction ensures continued comfort for years to come.

40 circular coils create a comfortable sleeping surface
Puncture resistant polyester top
Self-dispensing design allows users to simply plug into the wall, turn on and off for easy setup
Easy to inflate and easy to store
Easy to inflate and easy to store
The self-expanding design with three levels of comfort inflates and deflates quickly, so it stores easily when not in use.

Heavy Duty Mattress EZ Bed Pump
A durable mattress top and 40 circular spiral chambers virtually guarantee a good night's sleep. Provides a soft and comfortable sleeping surface to keep you comfortable all night long.

durable Durable
PVC resists punctures and prevents air leaks. So durable, we fully support it for 3 years.

Installed in minutes
Self-inflating means you can save breathing. Make a bed in 4 minutes!

The comfort of a standard bed
The sturdy frame raises the bed to a height of 24 inches, just like a regular bed, while 40 coils provide full-body support. Also fits standard sheets!

you can take it with you
Fits into its wheeled duffel bag, making travel a breeze, and the built-in pump means no extra baggage.

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⭐ Warranty - 3 year warranty

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